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Student Life at SNA

A Day in the Life of a Sixth Form Student

7:15am: wake up. I have toast, pack my bag and spend way too long watching YouTube videos while getting ready to go to Sixth Form.

8:15am: sign in and head to common room to talk to my mates and meet with people before first lesson.

9:25am: once the lesson is finished, I’ll go to the common room. It’s a more relaxed, chatty atmosphere and we’ll do some group work.

10:25am: we have committee meetings. We discuss what sort of changes we want to try and make around the school or the sorts of changes we want to see to make sixth form even better. Otherwise we’ll plan sixth form events like the May Ball (basically a prom) or exciting activities for leavers day.

10:50am: BREAK TIME!!!!!!!!! Everyone’s in the common room, we get to go to break a few minutes early to get food and drinks. It’s a fun social space where we all hang out.

11:10am: last lesson of the day for me, with an early finish. It’s a lot more fun just knowing I’ll be going home soon!

12:10pm: END OF LESSONS!!!!! Depending on the school lunch, I sometimes stay to have that and talk with my mates but other times (especially when Spanish chicken) I’ll go home earlier and pick up cobs from Birds for me and my dad.

1:00pm: I’ll walk my dog a bit earlier (as it beats having to deal with the school run and my dog barking at everyone). Generally, I’ll listen to music or a podcast during this as it’s relaxing and a good opportunity for some downtime.

2:00pm-5:00pm I’ll finish off any class notes, do some Cornell Notes to organise work and complete my homework while blasting music from my speaker.

5:00pm-onwards RELAX!!!!! Watch a film, Netflix, YouTube whatever! Sometimes, I might have a bit of work to finish after dinner but generally when I’ve used my free periods and done a couple of hours after school I have less work to do at the time when I want to relax. - Year 13 student