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House System

The Academy is divided into 4 Houses. Each of these Houses are led by a Head of House: 

Mrs L Rogers


Mr G Leaman


Mr S Lowman Mrs E Hawksworth


Within each House there is a team of House Tutors who have a focused role on knowing and supporting the achievement of every student in their care. Tutor groups are made up of students from years 7-11 creating a strong family atmosphere within the group, where possible students remain with the same tutor while at the Academy. Normally, family members belong to the same House as their siblings.  

The Academy believes in healthy competition between houses and encourages students to represent their house in a range of activities. Results in these competitions contribute to the 3 house cups awarded each year.

All Houses have a formal assembly at least once a week. As a parent, your main point of contact with the Academy is through the House Tutor(s) to which your child belongs.   

We strongly believe that organising a secondary school in this way helps to divide the student population into manageable groups where we get to know every individual and where everyone is well cared for and their academic progress is very carefully monitored, giving them the maximum opportunity to achieve.  

 “Pupils wear their ties with pride to show others which house they represent. During tutor time, younger pupils join in discussions with older pupils well. Pupils value the fact that they get to know other pupils in different year groups.” (Ofsted, March 2022)