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Year 7 Global Citizenship Theme Days

Year 7 Global Citizenship Theme Days

3 theme days: Safety day, Friendship day, Eco and Global Citizenship day. Outside providers came in and delivered workshops to the students. Thank you to all who have taken part.

Safety Day

Our 5 providers helped Year 7 understand about being a responsible citizen, obeying laws, working together to solve problems, staying safe on our roads, railways and open water, as well as knife crime, gangs and humanitarian projects. Thank you to Via, RNLI, Transport Police and Network Rail, The Army and the Community Police.

Eco Day and Global Citizenship Day

Fantastic effort & enthusiasm from Year 7 working with the British Army & University of Nottingham Language students as part of Global Citizenship Day. Amazing work carrying out an environmental quality survey of the school site for Eco Day. Thank you to all the providers.