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Post-18 Options

South Nottinghamshire Academy Sixth Form is driven by a desire to see students ‘aim high’ in life and, as such, actively encourages students to apply to university or advanced apprenticeships.

Below is a list of useful links and information for students thinking about their career aspirations and those not sure if University is the right choice for them.

Explore LMI data – LMI For All

Interested in the labour market and want labour market information? Here you can find out where to get more information and intelligence of the UK labour market. The widget and websites listed here all use data from the LMI for All service.

Not Going To Uni was founded in 2008 to showcase the alternatives to the standard university route to school and college leavers. They want to change how young people engage with brands and discover their future careers. helps school leavers get jobs and understand the career paths available to them. Here, you’ll find information on the different levels of apprenticeship—Intermediate, Advanced, Higher and Degree—as well as the latest school leaver job news and advice to help guide you on your career journey.

Pure Potential is an independent organisation which raises the aspirations of thousands of sixth-formers every year, encouraging them to apply to, and achieve offers from, excellent universities and leading employers. uses the power of personal stories to inform young people’s career choices. Free and simple to use, icould features over 1000 videos of people talking about their careers – explaining their job roles, career path, and how different factors have shaped their direction.

National Apprenticeship Service - Find out how to become an apprentice, what apprenticeships are available, which employers offer them and information about starting your apprenticeship.