Year 9 Trips 2019-2020

September TBC               STEM Ambassador Day                                             Selected Students

November TBC                Trust Games                                                               PE (Open to All)     

9 - 12 December             Berlin Residential                                                       History               

December TBC                The Grange Xmas Party                                            Music, Drama, Dance Students

February TBC                   Rushcliffe Schools Cross Country                           PE (Open to All)                   

31 March & 1 April          Showcase and CCLS Performance                          Performers                      

15/16 -20/21 April           German Exchange Home Leg                                  German                           

Date TBC                           Harvey Haddon Athletics Comp                             PE (Open to All)

6 May                                Nottingham Theatre Royal Play                               Y9 Drama Group

20-24 July                          Barcelona Residential                                               Spanish              

July TBC                             End of Year Activity Day                                           Whole Year