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18/03/2022 – The Way of the Warrior by Chris Bradford

Young Samurai The Way of the Warrior is about Jack who is a English boy sailing to Japan with his father and the rest of the crew when they are ambushed by a group of ninjas who were lead by dragon eye. Jack would be the only one to survive and he would be adopted by Masamoto who would later train him at his dojo and lots of the book would be set in the dojo. Jack would be ridiculed by Kazuki for being a gajin(a foreigner in Japanese often used as an insult)but he would eventually be one of the students that would represent his dojo in a fight against another dojo. dragon eye would later come back to set up the next book in the trilogy.

Reviewed by Anon

18/03/2022 – Death Sets Sail by Robin Stevens

I loved the description in this book! It set the scene very well, and the character's personalities were really well represented. There were so many twists, which made me want to keep reading, and the ending was shocking! I would 100 percent recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mysteries or adventure! It's definitely one of my favourite books so far.

Reviewed by Anon

26/01/2022 – A Pinch of Magic by Michelle Harrison

This book is all about how a girl and her sisters called Betty, Fliss and Charlie found out about their family curse. The curse is that if they leave the island of Crowstone they will die at sunset and every time they try and fail to break the curse a single brick falls down from the prison wall... They have three magical objects, each one of them with their own unique feature. With them magic items they need to break the family curse and therefore escape the island of Crowstone. They will also meet different people on the way that will help them and..., well try to kill them. It is a very good book and I recommend it to anyone who likes adventure books with lots of surprises.


Reviewed by Max, Year 7

26/01/2022 – The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

This book is in a series of six and is incredible! So easy to get immersed in, it's a perfect read for anyone between the school years of year seven and nine. The novel is about two unlikely best friends and their journey into the school for good and evil and the challenges and trials that follow. Genres of romance, thrill and some violence within this tale. Love this series.


Reviewed by Sylvie, Year 7

 26/01/2022 – Tusk the Mighty Mammoth by Adam Blade

I think this book had a good plot but however it lacked more fighting so if you read beast quest to imagine battling giant monsters then this book only has 3 times they fight the mammoth tusk

Reviewed by James, Year 7

26/01/2022 – Always by Morris Gleitzman

it as really good. firstly my favriout bit is when they escape from the weasels and try to find the treasure. The main characters are filex and Wissam they both bring smiles to my face when I read the book however there are up's and downs a lot meaning that Wissam says a bit then filex it sort of is like a new chapter of the story to be honest.   morris glitzman yoused loads of exiting words like 'he was thrived with the sight of that.' that shows how filex is show happy in this bit in the story. the only thing i would improve would be how big the writing is because its really hard to see the writing if its sooooo small however there are loads of twists and turns in it. I would recommend this book to you because you never now what is gonna happen next witch makes it sooo exiting and wakes you want to read more and more and more but you might have to read some of the other books lower down the sires to under stand. its biased of the ww2 and wars that filex has to fight.


Reviewed by Flynn, Year 7

26/01/2022 – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J. K. Rowling