Staff List

South Nottinghamshire Academy staff list as of January 2018





Miss  L Baggaley Admin Assistant Finance / Exams
Mr  C Ballard Partnership Development Manager
Mrs  T Balsdon Teaching Assistant
Mrs  B Barton Inclusion Officer
Mr  A Baxter Maths Teacher
Miss  T Birchmore Teaching Assistant
Mrs  K Breame Office Manager
Mrs  Z Brearley Data Manager
Mr  N Brewin Science Teacher (2nd in Department)
Miss  A Brodrick Amin Assistant / Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs  L Campbell Teaching Assistant
Mrs  J Carroll Science Technician
Mrs  L Caunt Business Links & Work Related Learning Coordinator
Mrs  C Chandler Admin Assistant / Midday,  Art Teacher
Mrs  J Clark Care Assistant
Mrs  A Cox Leader for English and Maths
Mr  B Coxon Mini Bus Driver
Mrs  P Davis Art teacher
Mrs  J Dixon Catering Manager
Mrs  C Dodds Admin Assistant/ Reception
Miss  E Egginton English Teacher / Head of Year 12/13
Mr  A Errington Sociology/Psychology Teacher
Mrs  C Farrington Head of Humanities / History Teacher
Mrs S Featherstone Science Teacher
Mrs  L FitzGerald Joint Head of MFL / MFL Teacher (Part-Time)
Mr  G Gensler Geography Teacher / Marketing
Miss  L Grantham English / Drama Teacher
Ms  P Greengrass Catering
Mrs  C Griffiths ICT Manager
Mrs  H Gunn Catering
Mrs  A Haith Science Teacher
Mrs  N Hall Head of Design & Technology
Mrs  E Hawksworth Head of House / PE / Dance Teacher
Mrs  M Hobbs Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Jackson Library Assistant p.m.
Mrs J Kelly Catering
Mrs H Kowalewski Head of English
Mrs F Lambourne Head of Science
Mr G Landa MathsTeacher
Mrs A Leyland

ADT Technician

Mrs J Long Receptionist, word processor / Midday Supervisor
Ms S Lowe English Teacher
Mr S Lowman Head of House / PE Teacher / PSHE
Mrs C Lucas Assistant Head / SENCO
Mr A MacLaughlin Business Studies / ICT Teacher / Head of House
Mrs J Marks Operations Manager / Head's PA
Mrs S Marshall Cover Supervisor
Ms C Martin Inclusion Officer
Mrs E McCabe Head of PE / Leader - Transition / PE Teacher
Mr A McCann Site Supervisor
Mr P Melfi Business Studies Teacher
Miss D Monterosso English Teacher
Mrs S Parris MFL Teacher (Part-Time)
Mrs S Pasquill EVC and data Assistant
Mrs J Pattison Admin Assistant / Midday Supervisor
Mr D Penson Caretaker
Mr D Philpotts Head Teacher
Mrs K Pollard Head of Maths
Ms S Proctor Head of House / Inclusion Manager
Mrs  E Punter Assistant Ops Manager/Exams Manager
Mr  M Richardson History Teacher
Mr  C Rinkert Cleaner
Miss  A Robinson Joint Head of MFL
Mrs  S Robinson English Teacher
Mrs  J Schmidt Maths Teacher
Mrs  Z Seaton English Teacher (Part-Time)
Mr  M Siviter Assistant Head
Mrs  L Sharpe Assistant Head
Mrs  L Spooner Attendance Officer
Mr  K Southwell Geography Teacher / Leader - Partnership
Mrs  L Stanton Catering
Mrs  W Summerson Catering
Mr  M Swanwick Science Teacher
Miss  O Swinscoe Maths Teacher
Miss  A Taylor TeachingAssisstant
Mrs  E Timson Science Teacher
Mr  S Tinsley Cover Supervisor
Ms  S Villetet Care Assistant
Mrs  A Walker MFL Teacher (Part-Time)
Ms  C Warren Resource Centre Coordinator (am)
Mrs  E Warren Food Technology Teacher
Mrs  A Weatherall Cleaner
Miss  S Whincup Teaching Assistant (Part Time)
Ms  S Wilson Lead Teaching Assistant
Mrs  H Wood Head of Music / Leader - CPD