Register of Business Interests for School Governors

Miss   Deborah Porter 31.8.20 Community
Cllr Hayley Chewings 31.8.20 Community Works for NCC and is Rushcliffe Borough Councillor for Cotgrave
Mr Jim Richardson 31.8.20 Comunity Family SENCO for SNA family
Mr Simon Healy 31.8.20 Community
Mr Simon Draycon 10.6.18 Community    
Mrs Kathryn Handbury         31.3.19         Parent
Dr Joanne Smith 20.6.21 Parent
Mrs Rhian Barker 10.6.21 Parent
Mrs Anna Cox 24.9.18 Staff
Mrs Emma Egginton 5.5.19 Staff
Mrs Julia Marks 26.11.19 Staff