South Nottinghamshire Academy uses an online Parents' Evening booking system.

Information will be sent to parents prior to each evening and this enables parents to book appointments for each member of staff they wish to see.  Appointments usually start at 4pm and end at 7pm

If you have any issues with using the online system, please contact the Academy directly and we will be able to book the appointments for you.




17th November 2021

Year 13 Parents Evening

4- 7pm     

13th December 2021

Year 11 Parenets Evening

4 - 7pm

1st March 2022

Year 12 Parents Evening       

4 - 6pm

21st March 2022

Year 8 Parents Evening

4 - 7pm

31st March 2022

Year 9 Parents Evening

4 - 7pm

7th June 2022

Year 10 Parents Evening

4 -7pm

11th July 2022

Year 7 Parents Evening

4 -7pm