Wanted: Volunteers to support with Reading Recovery at SNA.

Whilst all students have the potential to have a reading age that matches their chronological age, not all arrive at secondary school achieving this. At SNA, we run a Reading Recovery Programme, designed to support each student towards this goal, depending on their needs. Students with a reading age below 9 years require daily intensive practice: 1-1 support, spending 15-20 minutes per day with a reading instruction manual, to build their reading age to a level where they can access reading materials in the library. Training to use this manual with students is very simple and does not require any professional qualifications.

If you could spare 20 minutes, either once a week, or more regularly, this would have a massive difference to a child’s reading age and progress with their reading. Additional reading support takes place every day between 10.20am and 10.50am. We would like volunteering to commence after Christmas.

If you are available at this time, any day – Monday to Friday, please contact School Services on 0115 9110091, leaving your contact details and we will make arrangements for you to come into school and find out more about our Reading Recovery Programme. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss this in more detail, please contact Mrs Cox on a.cox@snacademy.org.uk

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