Redhill Academy Trust in the National List of Top Ten Academy Trusts

Last week, it was announced that the Redhill Academy Trust has made the Department of Education's list of the ten most effective academy trusts in England.  Rated as 'well above average', the Redhill Trust is the highest ranking trust based in the East Midlands.

Obviously, this is great news for the staff and students in Redhill Trust academies.  Over the last few years, we have learned that improving schools requires hard work, determination and enough time for new strategies to start working fully.  It is testament to the skills and dedication of our staff at all levels that the Trust features on this list.  We are, however, certainly not complacent and know that yet more improvements can be made in the interests of all our students.

South Nottinghamshire Academy joined the Trust in September 2016 and has continued its journey of improvement.  With a new school build, enhanced student numbers and a constant focus on school improvement, the future of our Academy looks very bright.

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