Fencing to come down on SNA site

We have finally received confirmation that over half February half term, the herras fencing which is currently restricting our access to our new landscaped area is finally being taken down.


Whilst this is fantastic news for our school and local community, we have had to plan for how we ensure that safeguarding arrangements remain effective and that all of our students continue to be safe.


With this in mind, from Monday 25th February 2019, there will be no public access through our school site from 8.25am during the working week. At 8.25am, the Eastwood Road gate and the school gate will be locked. For our students who use the Eastwood road entrance, they need to ensure that they arrive before 8.25am or they will be forced to enter via the main Academy entrance.


Currently these gates are open until 9am and we are vulnerable to anyone entering the school site and buildings. We understand that this may inconvenience some by a few minutes in the morning but we cannot compromise on our safeguarding arrangements.


This has previously been raised as a safeguarding concern by South Nottinghamshire Academy’s Local Governing Body and has been discussed at our family Headteacher meetings including Radcliffe on Trent Infant School and Radcliffe on Trent Junior School.


We will continue to liaise and work closely with our family of schools and Radcliffe on Trent Pre-school Playgroup to provide the best possible provision. Where larger groups of students need to be transported between the establishments, suitable arrangements will be put in place.


You will also notice that the new attenuation pond will have a clearly defined fence to prevent entry.

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