Careers in Quarantine

W/C 23 March 2020

I gathered information from some of my employer links about what students can do to build extra ompff to their CV during a crisis time. Here’s some things you could consider during lock down ! Keep positive. Mrs Caunt.

  • Help a neighbour or family. Give them a call, check in regularly and make sure they’re well.

  • Learn a language or Sign Language. Currently some free resources out there!

  • Create an activity for a younger brother / sister

  • Sign up to the brilliant Barclays Life Skills

  • Learn some cooking skills. Particularly useful for time at uni!

  • Create a Blog or Vlog.

  • Research some career ideas. profiles

  • Get familiar with UCAS website.

  • Learn about Money Skills. Take a look at this on Barclays Life Skills.

  • Think about your digital platform. Older students. Learn more about the brilliant LinkedIn.

  • Finish your coursework! You know you need to! This will showcase your organised 

  • Make a diary and list your skills so that you can showcase to employers how you gained new skills during Corona lockdown. Employers may even ask ... what did you do for personal development during Corona Crisis. 


The NHS is doing an Amazing job right now. I have a little quiz for you giving the chance for 2 students to win a yummy Easter Egg! First 2 students to email me the answers on the morning of Wednesday 25 March. The Egg will be delivered to your doorstep (remotely)
  1. How many jobs are in the NHS?
  2. How many staff are employed by the NHS?
  3. What is the NHS logo also known as? (Hint. You might take one of these if you have a sore throat)!

Email to:


Good luck! MRS CAUNT



Try not to panic. Do not feel pressured into accepting unconditional offers. In fact the government is putting a stop to these! Quick decisions could be the wrong choice so take your time. The UCAS deadline is extended to May! OFQUAL is a useful site to check on updates. UCAS will update accordingly.


If you’ve got an application in place then wait to hear from the organisation. If you wish to apply for apprenticeships, then I’d do so. The organisation will eventually get back to you. It might be that the recruitment process is delayed. Unfortunately I don’t have many answers on this at the moment. I’ll keep you posted!

How to keep a good mindset when not in school.

Find a suitable space. Keep organised. Try and change your space so you don’t get bored.

If you’re stuck in a noisy house try this It provides a variety of background sound! There’s 16 in the free version.

Structure your day!

Routine is great ! Adapt your study plan when you find what’s working for you. Make a checklist of what you’ve done. ORGANISATION is a fantastic skill to showcase to employers and universities.

FaceTime friends and work together or share information. Combine your strengths to help each other.

Do some mindfulness or yoga. Check out the Yoga Squad who are offering free daily classes via FBook. Write a Blog or do a Vlog! Read something great! Help a family member. Phone a relative and help them to stay safe.


Each week, think about the skills you’re developing during this national crisis. Make a note and demonstrate your achievements.

Employers welcome young people with wider skills to academic achievement.

 Do some volunteering. Think about your future career ideas. Your likes and dislikes. Help more in the home. Set up a forum. Sign up to The Student Room site. Look at UCAS - it’s not just full of uni info! Check out National Careers Service on Facebook. Research job profiles on Contact supermarkets, get hired and earn some money whilst gaining valuable work exp.

Most of all. KEEP POSITIVE. it’s just one of the many skills you can showcase once we get through this difficult time.

Current Jobs available!

If you need careers guidance email Mrs Caunt.

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