House System

At SNA, we have three houses: Aquitaine (red tie), Maine (yellow tie) and Rollo (blue tie). 

Each of these Houses are led by a Head of House and have a member of the Senior Leadership Team linked to them. Within each House, there is a team of House Tutors who have a focused role on knowing and supporting the achievement of every student in their care. Tutor groups are vertical and are made up of students from years 7–13 creating a strong family atmosphere within the group. All Houses have a formal assembly at least once a week and there are frequent inter House competitions.  Each House also has a charity linked to them.


  • Maine : Mrs Hawksworth
  • Rollo: Mrs Rogers (Mr Leaman on Fridays)
  • Aquitaine: Mr Lowman


The Heads of Houses are committed to the wellbeing and pastoral care of all individuals in their house and also support the academic progress and attendance of each student.