GCSE Exam Performance

GCSE students at South Nottinghamshire Academy have secured fantastic results in 2017 and have been rewarded for their hard work and efforts. In a year of great volatility where examinations have changed and a different assessment mechanism used, SNA students have performed remarkably well. 

Many individual Year 11 students secured outstanding results including Kaya Jobson (pictured below) who gained the highest possible grades in both English and Maths (grade 9), 6 A*s and 3 A grades.

GCSE headline figures include:

  • 82% of students secured at least 1 x A*-A grade. 22% of students secured at least 3 x A*-A grades. 17% of students secured at least 5 x A*-A grades. 8% of students secured at least 8 x A*-A grades
  • The percentage of students gaining Ebacc recognition (A*-C in English, Maths, Science, Humanities and Modern Foreign Languages) continues to be in line with previous national averages.

Individual subject areas continue to thrive and many were able to sustain and improve on previous high standards.

Subjects that secured the very highest A*-A grades are as follows:

  • French 60%, Biology 56%, Chemistry 44%, Physics 44%, ICT 31%, History 24%. Vocational ICT 83%.
Subjects that secured the highest A*-C grades are as follows:
Biology     100% A*-C
Chemistry 100% A*-C
Physics 100% A*-C
French 100% A*-C
Health & Social (Vocational) 100% A*-C
Physical Education (Vocational) 100% A*-C
ICT (Vocational) 100% A*-C
Physical Education 95% A*-C
German 86% A*-C
ICT 85% A*-C
Media 81% A*-C
English Language and Litearture 77% (9-4 equivalent to A*-C)

For the majority of our GCSE students, the transition to SNA Sixth Form has already started and staff are looking forward to welcoming more students back as Year 12 students.

Pictured right:

  • Toby Phipps gained the highest possible grade in English (grade 9) and grade 8 in Maths, 6 A*s, 1 A grade and 1 B grade.

Pictured below (left to right)

  • Victoria Cox gained the highest possible grade in Maths (grade 9) and grade 7 in English, 1 A*, 5 A grades and 2 B grades.
  • Bradley Tinker gained high grades in English and Maths (grade 7), 6 A grades and 3 B grades.


  • Attainment 8 score = 47.20. Progress 8 score = -0.33
  • 55.7% entered the English Baccalaureate (22% achieved)
  • 35% of students achieved a grade 5 or higher in both English and Maths
  • In 2015, 93% of pupils stayed in education or emplyment after KS4. However, our school records are higher than this.