Eco Committee

What is the SNA Eco Committee? 

Eco Committee is a group of students from key stage 3 and 4 who meet fortnightly to discuss eco friendly and environmental issues within school. Our aim is for our students to live their lives with consideration for global issues. 

Why do SNA have an Eco Committee? 

  • To ensure SNA is eco-friendly 
  • To prepares students to live with reflection of the environment
  • To ensure students have a platform to voice their opinions
  • To discuss and raise issues related to the environment

What have the Eco Committee achieved so far?

We achieved Eco-Schools Green Flag status in 2021 (more information can be found on Eco-Schools here).

Our past projects include:

  • Writing equipment recycling in school (ongoing).
  • Face mask recycling during the pandemic.
  • Biodiversity work on school grounds -  wildflower meadow and tree planting as part of The Woodland Trust Free Trees for School Programme.

Our current projects include:

  • Plastic free schools programme - cutting plastic use in the canteen.
  • Biodiversity - design and build birdhouses for school site.
  • Recycling bins rebrand for school (underway).


  • Midlands Maker Challenge 2021
    The SNA team won the award for innovative design for their prototype build of an ocean plastic removal vessel inspired by the biomechanics of a whale’s baleen plates. 
  • NHS Climate Action Environment School Competition 2022
    The SNA team won this for their presentation on their biodiversity work and the tree planting project on school grounds. The judges also commended the wider connections to students in school, through assembly talks and ongoing engagement with helping towards keeping the planet healthy.
  • Wild Wisdom Challenge 2021
    Two SNA pupils made it to the international live online final.