Admission to the Sixth Form

2021 Redhill Trust minimum entry requirements for Post 16 study. 

All students must attain five 9-4 grades at GCSE (or BTEC equivalents) with preferably a grade 5 in either English Language or Mathematics. Individual subjects will require a specific grade in a particular subject at GCSE (see course booklet).

All students will be expected to choose 3 A' levels which they will study for 2 years. Due to recent changes in curriculum and assessment practice, students will no longer sit an AS exam at the end of Year 12 but will sit all examinations at the end of Year 13. In addition, students will choose to study an enrichment course which they will follow in Year 12.  

All students will be interviewed by a member of the Sixth Form team. This will enable them to make an informed choice about the best subjects to suit their individual needs. Parents are welcome to discuss these choices with the Sixth Form team following the interview.